Book Club Announcement!

Hey guys!! This is just an announcement post for something that I’ve been working on lately: a book club, situated on Goodreads. 

Stu[dying] is a book club specifically for students who struggle to balance schoolwork and their love for reading, but don’t want to sacrifice either. The way that Stu[dying] works is that a new book is voted for, read, and discussed every two months- we select a new book every two months instead of one, like most book clubs do, in order to ensure that everyone in the club has enough time to keep up with the books we’d like to read, while having enough time to focus on our schoolwork /other activities. 

There’ll be discussion boards and liveshows for us to all to talk about the book together, and there could potentially be giveaways for some months! There are no requirements or fees, anyone can join. 

You can join Stu[dying] on Goodreads here, and suggest the book for January-February here!! 



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