Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Characters You Are Most Like

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey @ GingerReadsLainey on Youtube 

Not going to lie, this Top 5 Wednesday really threw me. Especially because it was explicitly stated that we were to choose characters that we are like, and not characters we want to be like – it took me a while to come up with characters that I relate to. 

1.Esther Greenwood – The Bell Jar

This may sound slightly alarming, but I’ve rarely related to another character as much as I relate to Esther Greenwood. The first time I read The Bell Jar, it was almost painful, because in each of her words and thoughts I saw myself reflected in them. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I share the same heart and mind as this character (and Sylvia Plath as well, since this is her autobiographical novel – which may help to explain why she’s my favorite poet). 

No matter how hard I’m working to come to accept myself, it can still be hard to say this outloud – but I think that the point of this T5W is for us to open up, and be honest with ourselves and be honest through the characters we see ourselves in. I’ve been struggling with my mental illnesses since I was 10 years old – I don’t feel particularly comfortable with being specific, but basically, Esther’s spiral and her thoughts often perfectly line up with mine. (This is a bit besides the point, but this is why it’s so important for there to be more representation of mental illnesses in books – especially YA books! It’s so powerful when you find a character you can identify yourself with). 

“When they asked me what I wanted to be I said I didn’t know.
“Oh, sure you know,” the photographer said.
“She wants,” said Jay Cee wittily, “to be everything.”

2. Cristina Yang – Grey’s Anatomy

Is Cristina Yang a book character? No, but my only other option was to finish this post with 2 characters, so I decided to throw Cristina in here. Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy is literally, in every possible sense (except for the career), me. And I know a lot of people say that, and no, it is not because I’m also Korean-American. It’s because I relate to and act similarly to her in so many different ways – I’m constantly told by people that I remind them of Cristina Yang. We’re extremely similar in how we express our emotions, how we deal with our problems/stress, our worth ethic, our sense of humor, our flaws, our ambition, and what we want from our future. 

3.  Cecily Herondale – The Infernal Devices

I wasn’t too sure about this one, but a good friend of mine really believes that I’m very similar to Cecily from The Infernal Devices trilogy – and in certain aspects, I can agree! Cecily and I are both really stubborn (to the point of it not always being a good thing), slow to trust, have a more dry sense of humor, and have a tendency to swear 😂.


I may have only gotten 3 characters down, but considering how hard this was for me to do, I’d say that was an accomplishment. I really didn’t expect this to be that difficult! 



10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Characters You Are Most Like

      1. I know! Cristina come back to us. 😂 She was such a strong awesome character. It’s not the same dynamic without her. The show is really dragging since she left. And then they killed off Derrick. I’m like who’s next Mer or Bailey? They can’t get rid of any more original cast members. It’s already getting weird with all the newbies that don’t mesh well. Maybe I’ve been watching it too long, but I like the old show so much better.

  1. I really, really want to read The Bell Jar. I know it’ll be a difficult read because I think I’ll be able to relate a lot as well, but it’s definitely something I think will help me feel less alone with thoughts and feelings I’ve had.

    1. I really recommend giving it a read – it could be hard to get through at times, but I felt so connected with Esther and Sylvia Plath when I finished, and I felt like the Bell Jar mapped out my heart and mind.

  2. I love that you’ve been so honest with this post. I really empathised with Esther Greenwood too – when I first read The Bell Jar, I had no words. Sylvia Plath just knew. I agree that we need to have more books like it.

    1. Thank you so much, Fatima :’) It’s a really, really special experience to be able to read a book and see yourself so clearly in the pages – it makes the phrase ‘you’re not alone’ really resonate so much more.

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