Bookish Foods That Make Me Hungry // Otherwise known as, my Favorite Fictional Foods

I’ve been reading for a really long time – practically my entire life, since I was 3-4 years old. Something that I’ve noticed throughout the years is that I’ve always had a thing for reading about fictional foods. I can’t be the only one to literally salivate over foods that I read about in books (if so, that would be slightly embarrassing and would make this post relatively pointless) – I’ve even gone as far as making a resource page on Tumblr for fictional food recipes! I decided to share some of the fictional foods that I’ve craved the most over the years, and I’ll include a link to their recipes if they exist, for those of you who are more adept in the kitchen than I am. 

The Hunger Games

Thanks to the ever-indulgent Capitol, there are so many foods depicted in The Hunger Games series that sound absolutely amazing – not to mention that Suzanne Collins writes so descriptively that I can’t help but want to try them. 

1. The “Springtime Soup” 

In Catching Fire, Katniss mentioned that her and Peeta’s resolve to limit their food intake per table was weakened when she came across a “clear green broth that tasted like springtime”. There’s something about the way that this was described that has always made me want to try this soup. A recipe has been made for this soup here

2. The Mellark Bakery’s Goat Cheese and Apple Tarts


I’ve always loved cheese – I’m a huge cheese lover, although I haven’t been eating it at all recently due to my having a more vegan lifestyle. But since I’ve always loved cheese, reading about Peeta’s goat cheese and apple tarts would always make me so hungry! This recipe can be found here

3. Creamy Pumpkin Brew

creamy-pumpkin-brew-600x369This one is pretty self explanatory – Katniss’s description of it in Catching Fire just sounded so amazing.

My resolve is almost immediately broken at the first table, which has twenty or so soups, when I encounter a creamy pumpkin brew sprinkled with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds. “I could just eat this all night!” I exclaim.

You can find the recipe for this here

Harry Potter

Besides The Hunger Games, Harry Potter probably has the foods that I’ve craved the most – and I know this sentiment is shared by practically everyone. 

1. Butterbeer

I’m pretty sure everyone saw this one coming! Butterbeer just always sounded like the perfect drink whenever I read about it in the Harry Potter books. There are so many recipes to choose from online, so I’m not sure which to include here! Your best bet is probably trying the one served at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. 


2. Pumpkin Pasties


As you may have been able to tell from my love for the creamy pumpkin brew from The Hunger Games, I am very fond of all things pumpkin. So, naturally, I’ve always wanted to try the pumpkin pasties from the wizarding world! They’re sold on the Hogwarts Express, so being able to go to Hogwarts while eating a pumpkin pasty would be kind of a dream come true. 

3. Cauldron Cakes


Cauldron cakes honestly just sound like the best snack – I always imagined them as the wizarding world counterpart to Oreos? Maybe Ding-Dongs/Twinkies would be a better comparison, but as someone who grew up in a very health-conscientious, Korean-American household, I rarely ate such things. Oreos, on the other hand… 

The recipe can be found here

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

1. Ambrosia 

In the Percy Jackson series (and I guess, by default, the Heroes of Olympus + Trials of Apollo series), ambrosia is food of the gods that demigods are able to consume for healing purposes – albeit in small amounts. It’s said to taste like a food with strong personal memories attached to it, in order to comfort whoever it is that is consuming it. It’s also said to be delicious. For those two reasons, I think everyone would be curious to try ambrosia.  

2. Nectar

I feel like this goes almost hand in hand with ambrosia, but oh well. I’ve wanted to try nectar since reading Percy’s description of it in The Lightning Thief: 

“Don’t strain yourself,” Grover said. “Here.” He helped me hold my glass and put the straw to my lips.

I recoiled at the taste, because I was expecting apple juice. It wasn’t that at all. It was chocolate-chip cookies. Liquid cookies. And not just any cookies—my mom’s homemade blue chocolate-chip cookies, buttery and hot, with the chips still melting. Drinking it, my whole body felt warm and good, full of energy. My grief didn’t go away, but I felt as if my mom had just brushed her hand against my cheek, given me a cookie the way she used to when I was small, and told me everything was going to be okay.

I actually found a recipe for Percy’s specific melted-chocolate chip-cookie nectar online! You can find it here

This was honestly a really fun post to do – I was actually thinking of making this a sort of series, where I share some of my favorite fictional things per post (i.e. favorite fictional worlds, favorite fictional schools, favorite fictional ships, etc.). I’m just worried people won’t care, and that it’ll just be me shouting my love into the void, HAHAH. Let me know if this would be something you would be interested in, and let me know about some of your favorite fictional foods – so that I can (inevitably) get hungry while reading through the comments. 







22 thoughts on “Bookish Foods That Make Me Hungry // Otherwise known as, my Favorite Fictional Foods

  1. All of these. I want to try all of these. Thanks for leaving a link to the recipes! Bookmarking 😛 ❤
    Cauldron cakes look yuuum. Did you not have a lot of sweet foods growing up? How did you manage?

    1. Ahh I know! These all sound so amazing :’)
      I had sweet foods, just not nearly as much as my non-colored friends – and a lot of the sweets would be Asian snacks, so they wouldn’t be AS bad in the eyes of my parents, hahah!

      1. Haha I think that would’ve been better for me. I just had lots of chocolate. 🙂

  2. The foods from the Capitol are the best! I would definitely talk my Mom into cooking some of those. Great links! And yesss, butterbeer is my dream drink accompanied by my dream of finally be able to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

      1. OMG, I’m so happy for you! I live in the Philippines which is so far away in LA, and I know there’s one in Japan but travelling there will cost a fortune! I’ll definitely go when I’m already rich enough haha. Yes, enjoy a butterbeer for me please! ❤

  3. This is an amazing post! Thanks for leaving links to the recipes because I am definitely making some of these haha! I’ve not even read Percy Jackson but that Nectar sounds amazing!

    The favourite fictional things series sounds really cool by the way 🙂

  4. I love pumpkin so much. It’s almost winter here in Australia. As I type this I’m wrapped up in a big thick blanket, winter pyjamas and I’m even wearing bedsocks and some pumpkin soup sounds so good right now! I’d love to know what a pumpkin pasty tastes like.

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