My Favorite Fictional Worlds // aka, Where I’d Rather Be

favorite fictional worlds

For the 3rd post in my Fictional Favorites series, I decided to talk about my favorite fictional worlds. These are the fictional worlds that I personally love to read about, and that I find to be beautifully developed. These worlds don’t necessarily need to be found in high fantasy – in other words, the entire world doesn’t have to be fictional. I’m not sure if that made any sense, so I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say, HAHAH. 

The World of Spiderwick

The World of Spiderwick is a genuine childhood favorite of mine – I fell in love with The Spiderwick Chronicles when I was younger (and have, since then, always wanted a copy of the field guide!!), and I still love re-reading the books to rediscover and explore its world. If you couldn’t tell, I love reading about faeries. 



Would I want to live in Westoros? No, absolutely not – Westoros is a complete mess, and really not the best place for women (or anyone, actually). But, it’s still one of my favorite worlds to read about – I find it and its politics to be so complex and so well developed that I can’t help but be fascinated whenever I learn more about it. 

Henrietta, Virginia


Basically, Cabeswater. I adore reading about Cabeswater, and all the magic that always seems to surround Henrietta. A lot of the magic is probably attributed to Blue + the raven boys, but still – Cabeswater is probably one of the most beautiful and spellbinding places I’ve read about.

The Inkworld


I was absolutely in love with the Inkworld when I was younger and reading the Inkheart Trilogy (or Inkworld Trilogy – I’m not exactly sure as to what they’re called). It has everything I love when it comes to a fantasy world and more – there are faeries, fire-eaters, glass men, and just so many amazing creatures and people. If you haven’t read the Inkheart books yet, I would highly, highly recommend them. 

The Wizarding World


And no one is surprised – of course, my absolute favorite fictional world is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. More than absolutely anywhere else, I would love to be able to visit or live in the Wizarding World. Like most of us Harry Potter lovers, I was genuinely upset when I was 11 and didn’t get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, HAHAH. 

When I was first thinking about my favorite fictional worlds, these were the first 5 that came to mind. I would happily go to reside/vacation in any of these worlds (minus Westoros – most definitely not Westoros). Let me know about your favorite fictional worlds, or if there are any ones that you think I missed! 


15 thoughts on “My Favorite Fictional Worlds // aka, Where I’d Rather Be

  1. When I saw the title for your post and then saw Westeros I thought ‘really!?’ because don’t get me wrong it’s a brilliant world I agree but if I had to live there I wouldn’t survive five minutes!
    I would definitely love to visit the wizarding world and Cabeswater though, both sound like such beautiful and magical places, and it’d just be amazing! 😀

  2. Spiderwick chronicles was also a childhood favorite of mine, and I even play-pretended to live there as a kid! I love the idea of another life form that I could interact with, and discover!

  3. YES The Wizarding World! That photo is absolutely gorgeous as well with the snow falling.
    I know it’s fiction but I can’t help but always wonder but what if hogwarts actually exists? Still waiting for my Hogwarts Letter at 21, my owl definitely got lost!

  4. The Inkheart Trilogy is definitely one of my favourites 😀 I’d 100% want to live there! So glad it’s one of your favourites too!

    1. Same here!! It’s always so nice to meet people who loved the world of Inkworld as much as I do, because I find that a lot of people either read the first book and then stopped, or just never watched it at all and only heard about the movie 😦

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