2017 Reading + Blogging Resolutions

Before I post my first book reviews of 2017, I wanted to share my reading + blogging goals/resolutions for 2017! This is going to be a big year for me (one full of change), but I really plan on achieving all of these goals and sticking to my resolutions.


Complete my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge


As proud as I am of myself for being 1 book ahead of schedule, I really hope to complete my reading challenge for this year – I only managed to read 25 out of 50 books in 2016, which I’m really sad about. I’m definitely planning on utilizing free days and school breaks to read more!

Read more diversely 

What I mean by this is that I really want to read books that are more diverse – whether the authors are PoC or the characters are, or whether the book contains more LGBTQIA+ representation, I want to broaden my reading horizons. I’ve realized that a lot of the more-mainstream books I read contain characters from a very similar demographic (I don’t have to say it, do I?), and I really want to read outside of that. 

Read more biographies

I’ve always loved reading biographies, but with all the amazing fiction books that are constantly being released, I haven’t read one in a really long time. I want to be able to read more biographies this year – I already have my eye on books about Anastasia Romanov, Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, and Vincent Van Gogh. 

Read all the books I own

I’ve always been proud of the fact that I usually read a book as soon as I receive it – I really hate having unread books on my shelf. However, with the large amount of books sent to me by authors and publishers last year, along with books I bought for myself, I’ve accumulated 10+ books that I have yet to read – which I’m honestly really unhappy about. I really want to make sure I can finish all the unread books I own, and hopefully not accumulate too many again. 

Visit the library more often

I used to practically live at my local library, but since eBooks became a thing, and since I developed the (unhealthy) need to OWN all the books I want to read, I haven’t stopped by in a while. In 2017, I want to visit the library and check out books from there more often – this should help me save money, too! 


Upload 3-4 posts a week

I want to return to posting on Fabled Haven consistently, and plan to upload 3-4 posts a week – whether they’re reviews, discussion posts, a Top Ten Tuesday post, or another blog feature, I want to keep this blog active, and continue to interact with everyone in this amazing community. 

Be more consistent with writing reviews

Whether they’re ARCs, sent to me from publishers, or ones that I bought myself, I want to be more consistent with writing reviews for the books I read. I have a bad habit of putting off writing reviews for weeks (or even months), and sometimes I don’t write them at all. I want to make sure that I’m on top of writing my reviews this year. 

Update/change Fabled Haven’s ‘look’

I honestly don’t feel that the way that my blog is currently designed accurately reflects the overall mood of my blog, or its contents, if that makes any sense at all – it might be just me, but I feel like the layout and design of a blog says a lot about both the blogger and the tone of the blog’s content, and I’m just not happy with the way Fabled Haven currently looks.

I’m not very good at creating banners, or at graphic design in general (as I’m sure you can tell, haha!), so I kind of want to hire someone to brainstorm with me + help me out. This process tends to be pretty expensive though, and I don’t really have the money to spare at the moment, so we’ll see! 

Become self-hosted or upgrade to WP Premium

I’ve seen a lot of blogs share this goal, and I’ve honestly wanted the same for a little while now – I’ve been running Fabled Haven since 2014 (woah), and I feel like it’s been a big enough part of my life that I want to either become self-hosted, to have more freedom when it comes to layouts/plug-ins and such, or upgrade to WP Premium, so that I could have my own domain. 

I’d really love to talk to more bloggers about our 2017 goals, and especially would love to talk more about changing my blog’s layout/design and possibly selfhosting/upgrading to premium, so please feel free to leave me comments! I hope everyone’s week has been great, and I’ll be back with another post soon 🙂


9 thoughts on “2017 Reading + Blogging Resolutions

  1. These are awesome goals and some I share myself! I wanted to read 100 books last year, but I only made it to 70, which was disappointing. School really got in the way of that. I want to read more diversely too and try to upgrade to my own domain (without the .wordpress whatnot), but I’m not sure if I want to go to self-hosting yet. I want to try to clean out my kindle app, I have over 900 books on there and a lot of them I’m probably not going to read, so I want to clean them out and make room for other books! Good luck on your goals!

    1. AHH 900 books is simultaneously impressive and incredibly intimidating! An unhaul post for when you clean out your Kindle would be really cool, if you’re interested in that (:
      And I know, school takes up SO much time – I’m just going to have to cut down on sleep to make time to read, HAHAH.
      I actually just made the decision to upgrade to WP Premium and leave it there – I don’t want to move on to self-hosting because, besides it being more expensive, I would lose the ability to connect with other bloggers on WordPress.com through the follow button, and being able to keep up with their posts daily via the WP Reader /: I don’t want to risk disconnecting from this amazing community like that, and most of my readers are able to keep up with my posts through following me rather than by subscribing via email, so that’s enough to make me decide not to self-host!

      1. At first, when I read your comment I was like “WHAT!? Did I accidentally say my goal for this year was 900 books!?” but then I remembered my kindle collection! I should totally do an unhaul post, great idea!
        I didn’t think of the negatives when it came to upgrading to self-hosting, my first step is just to get my own domain, if I find that I want to go a little farther, I’ll upgrade to WP Premium and see how it works for me. It kinda bugs me when I have to subscribe on my email instead of following on WP, since I’ve had to do that to a lot of blogs I enjoy and now I’ll wake up to 44 emails or something crazy, so that’s another good point.

  2. Brilliant goals, Katherine ♥ I want to read more diversely too and blog more consistently. Self-hosting is something I really want to do, but I’m a little worried that I’m going to break everything haha and then it’s gonna be such a hassle with redirecting but it’s still something I’m thinking of. I really want to change my design as well but the options with WP.com are so limiting.

    1. I know, it can be really hard to customize my blog in a way that I feel reflects me + my content on WP.com – I think I’m most likely going to upgrade to Premium instead of self hosting, because I know most of my followers interact with/read my posts through the WP Reader when they follow me, and I don’t think I want to get rid of that convenience😅
      Thank you, Lauren!! ❤

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