Hi! My name is Katherine, informally known as Katie (feel free to refer to me as either). I’m a passionate book enthusiast and a Slytherin, with a love for fantasy and classics and everything in between. On Fabled Haven, you’ll find everything from book reviews to hauls to discussions to author interviews.

Me 2017My bookshelves contain a wide variety of books – there are shelves of classics, fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, biographies, nonfiction, reference texts, Greek texts and so much more. Some of my all-time favorite books include the Harry Potter series, On the Jellicoe Road, The Bell Jar, The Book Thief, The Raven Cycle series, the Six of Crows duology, and The Song of Achilles. When I’m not reading, I’m usually studying, debating, researching, or spending time with my family and friends. 


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40 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi,
      Yes, my email does refer to the Fablehaven series! I had actually never read the series when I had originally developed the user “Fabledhaven”- I simply thought it sounded nice. It wasn’t until after I began using “Fabledhaven” that I actually read the series, which i definitely loved!

  1. Hi Katie,

    I like your writing style. 💜 I am having my son read your reviews so he can improve his writing skills. I can tell that you have a passion for reading and helping others appreciate literary works. Keep it up!

  2. I like your blog but it needs more book porn! Don’t tease us with these bookshelves and its bounty. Expose it!

    Or do whatever you want and ignore this peanut gallery.

    Also, hello!

  3. I read all your posts. They are really good. I recommend the 5th wave series, The 5th wave, The Infinite Sea, and The Last Star. I read them all. I got hooked after watching the the movie. I think it is awesome how you created your own website.

  4. You’ve got a very diverse bookshelf, and great taste, by the sound of it!

    I love the Song of Achilles too. Your post about Carry On (Rainbow Rowell), just had me daydreaming about Song of Achilles again. I’m glad you’ve read it!

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