Review Policy

Authors and Publishers, if you are considering sending me an Advanced Reader’s Copy or book for reviewing, please read this Review Policy before contacting me.

Preferred Genres

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Contemporary
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery

Do Not Accept

  • Erotica

Book Format

I accept finished hard copies, along with Advanced Reader’s Copies.

[EDIT: 4/26/16] Due to the high number of review requests that I am receiving, I now no longer accept books/ARCs in eBook format, and will only accept hard copies that are sent to me. However, as I am hugely in support of independent authors + publishers, I will still gladly consider indie books for review. 

What to Expect

All opinions shared about the books I read are my own

I am extremely honest in my reviews, and will be writing about my honest overall impression of said book. However, even if I disliked the book, I will not be harsh or cruel in my judgement, and will be sure to point out all positive aspects that I did enjoy. I cannot promise that I will read a book in a certain time frame, but each book will be read and reviewed eventually. Reviews include those that will be on Goodreads, Amazon, and this blog.

If you would like me to read a book within a certain time frame, please let me know when contacting me so that I can do my best to complete and review your book within the requested time. If I think that I will be unable to finish your book within your requested time frame, I will alert you. Upon finishing and reviewing every book, I will contact you with a link to my review of your book, so please be sure to let me know of the methods in which I can reach you.

Reviews will be made using a star rating system, with the lowest rating being a 1 and the highest being a 5. Components of a book that will be rated include:

Packaging: /5 Stars. 

Packaging includes the quality of the book, the book cover and/or design, and any special characteristics that make it stand out. The packaging of a book really does matter, and although many readers try to live by the motto “never judge a book by its cover”, it’s something that we do involuntarily. A book with superb detail will most likely get more preference than a book that doesn’t have anything in particular to make it stand out.

Writing Style: /5 Stars.

This, of course, is a personal preference. But it’s true that sometimes I’ve come across books with intriguing plotlines, but the writing style completely turned me off from giving it the full 5/5 stars that it could have received.

Characters: /5 Stars. 

No matter how interesting a plot may be, or how great the writing style is, if the characters are unlikable, two dimensional, or just completely unrealistic, I will not be able to give the book a review that it could have received otherwise- or, in some cases, I may be unable to finish the book.

Plot: /5 Stars. 

The plot has to worth reading, and have something special to set it apart from all the other books that are out there.

Overall: /5 Stars. 

My overall impression of the book. Please keep in mind that it is extremely rare for me to give out five stars. 5 stars is incredible and life-changing, 4 stars is amazing with a few flaws, 3 is good-decent, 2 means I really just didn’t enjoy it, and 1 means I truly disliked it.

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